Saturday, May 4, 2013

A Tale of Two Mommies

A Tale of Two Mommies is a beach conversation among three children. One boy asks another boy about having two mommies. A young girl listening in asks some questions too.
True to a child’s curiosity, practical questions follow. “Which mom is there when you want to go fishing? / Which mom helps out when Kitty goes missing?” To which he answers: “Mommy helps when I want to go fishing. / Both Mommies help when Kitty goes missing.”
A Tale of Two Mommies is intended for 4-8 year olds.
This book lets us look inside one non-traditional family, a same sex couple and their son. As the children talk, it’s clear this boy lives in a nurturing environment where the biggest issues are the everyday challenges of growing up.

Our Take:

When I review childrens books I do so with my 4 year old Grand daughter Liliana. She loved this book and demanded that I read it three times in a row. We talked about the different kinds of families and she decided having two mommies would be great because if one said no she could switch. We all know that wont work but in her mind two mommies is an opportunity to be further spoiled rotten. So on the 4 yr olds scale of books this was, and I Quote, "I like two mommies Grammy read it again". So if you have a young one around get the book its a quick read and it GREAT just ask Liliana.

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