Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Brothers of Blood

Brothers of Blood
James Fuller

Everything changes when Meath finds himself in the magically veiled village of Salvas. News of the death of his friends leaves him teetering on the verge of emotional ruin and bitter loathing. Yet an enthralling new life connected to his past presents itself within the quintessence that is Salvas.
The true nature of the false prince is revealed, bringing on a whole new
light to the devastation Draco Kingdom faces. Meath sets himself to the task of avenging his broken life the only way he can, kill Astaroth…
Captured Zehava, Dahak, Nicolette and Shania struggle to stay alive when they find themselves now slaves. Zehava and Dahak are thrown into the Pit where blood and coin come at the forfeit of life. In a desperate attempt to keep their group together they must turn off their humanity to keep the identity of Draco’s heir hidden and safe while they plot a daunting escape.

An epic journey of deceit, betrayal, magic and a treasonous love sets sail as Meath, a young apprentice to the formidable wizard, Ursa, escapes certain death while a freshly united Kingdom is held captive by a false Prince. In hope of relaying the truth of the usurper who now threatens the throne, Meath embarks on a dangerous journey with the true heiress, Nicolette, in an attempt to reach her Uncle before they too are entangled in the lie that has wound itself deep into the lands. Amidst the soldiers dispatched to return the princess and capture Meath and his friends, they must avoid the barbarian clans who have begun a savage war on the Kingdom of Draco; evading what seems like fate has become a perilous game they may not be able to win…

James Fuller has enjoyed the fine art of writing for many years now, he's currently in the process of bringing out his new up and coming fantasy novel: Fall Of The King, the first book in which he hopes to be a series of nine books. James has also written movie scripts, short stories, and has had numerous pieces of poetry published. Through the years he has acquired quite a large fan base for his ...fiction not only through his blog and other various social networking websites such as Facebook but with other writers and artists of all sorts. James' other personal projects also include a comic series for mature readers; a tale of love, loss and vengeance which ignites in amazing emotion as James hopes to bring his character and story to life (collaborating with an artist.)
James has an absolute passion for bringing characters and situations to life with his detailed writing skills that really brings his books to life and makes his characters and their journeys so favourable. As an author he also goes above and beyond when it comes to writing battle scenes, the intricate design and explanations of fighting, not only in swordplay but also in tactics is one of James incredible expertise in which he delights in.
When James isn't on his computer writing his 2nd book of his fantasy series (Salvas) or writing short stories he enjoys recreational activities such a camping, fishing, hiking, and archery. Along with being an adventurous outdoors man James also spends many of his hours in a day as a devoted husband and father.

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