Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Devil Knows K.C. Cavanaugh

The Devil Knows

 K.C. Cavanaugh

Megan has met her soulmate, her eternal love. The problem is, he is immortal. Not only that, he is a minion of the Devil sent to steal her soul by using her desire to save her best friend from death.

Jeremiah, a real devil of a man, is truely in love with Megan. But his work with the Devil requires him to ask the immortal question, "What would you give to save a life?" A better question might be, "What would you give to save a love?"

Eternal love and mortals, those words are not something that go hand in hand. By definition eternal love is, well, it's eternal and mortals are so fragile and break so easy. How can something that can die so easily ever really know eternal love? And how can something damned to eternal life ever know love at all?

About the Author

K.C. Cavanaugh was raised a small town in Northeastern Pennsylvania. From a young age she had the penchant for telling stories to whomever would listen. The positive feedback from her audiences inspired her to pursue her dream of becoming an author. With her breakout novel, The Devil Knows, K.C. delivers what her listeners have known for years—this young woman knows how to weave a tale. K.C. still lives in Pennsylvania where she spends her free time with her stepchildren and their father. She is currently working on a fantasy trilogy, "The End of Days", a paranormal trilogy starting with "Eternal.
K.C. Cavanaugh

People always ask me 'how did you get interested in this stuff?'. It is a fair question. I mean, they probably assume that I had some uncanny experience that set me on this paranormal path. Perhaps I was 'tormented by demons' as a popular tv personality states. Or, perhaps as a child the dead would reach out to me, desperate to communicate and solve their problems. 

Nope. My answer is far more mundane, 'I was born this way'. Since I can recall I have had an overriding passion for all things fringe, unusual, paranormal. As a kid I wanted to hear all the dark and mysterious stories of our town. I lived across the street from the town burying ground and spent hours upon hours drifting through the old stones, reading names, pondering lives and just asking questions of the dead. The most prominent question was 'where are you now?'.

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