Monday, April 15, 2013

Blue Dust Forbidden ~ Katy Krump

 Blue Dust: Forbidden
 Katy Krump
Genre: Fantasy


All teenage girls keep secrets and Kerry Johnston is no exception. More than anyone else she knows how to lie, for ‘Kerry’ is an alias and her life is a nightmare of secrecy, violence and fear. In reality this overweight, limping teenage girl is Qea, a Forbidden child from the Qarntaz Octad, sent to Earth to hide from the warlord she has betrayed. Born third into her family in an overpopulated world where surplus offspring are Forbidden and killed or delivered as fodder for the malevolent Inquisitors, Qea has spent her life in hiding.

Qea (Pronounced Kee-ah) is a girl with an unusual history. She comes from a distant galaxy where warlords rule the law and corruption is rife, so she must become hard to survive, but here on Earth a young man will change her heart and risk her life, changing it forever.

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Katy was an English and music teacher before almost losing her sense of humour (and mind) and deciding she needed to devote herself to the thing she loved most - writing. She published a number of children’s musicals and then became a full-time television scriptwriter for children, entered a nationwide scriptwriting competition and was selected to be on the writing team of a popular South African soap. She also worked as an advertising copywriter, wrote radio ads and jingles, educational textbooks and readers...anything writing-related to keep the wolf from the door. Basically, she’s constantly writing, books and TV scripts and if not that then plotting, planning and scheming how to take over the world!
Like her creation Qea, the feisty heroine in Blue Dust: Forbidden, Katy understands something about being an alien after she embarked on a new journey, crossing the galaxy to settle on a new planet (England) many moons ago. Some like to call this process 'immigration'. Katy is now a proud possessor of a maroon Intergalactic Wayfarer Permit and has come to love the aliens she mixes with daily.

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But, I got into a bit of trouble a few years ago and Jordan was the social services guy that was assigned to my case. He said he’d arrange that I didn't do any time if I helped him out, so of course I agreed. But he didn't contact me for ages, not till a few months ago. He said there was a girl he wanted me to make friends with and that when he told me to, I was to take her, you, to a meeting with him. But first I had to gain your trust. That’s all, I promise, but I fell for you and I said I wouldn’t. There was something, I don’t know, sinister, and I couldn't do it, so I stalled and that’s when he cornered me and told me to get it done. What’s it all about, Donna? Why does he want you?’ Adam looked so sincere, so earnest, that for a moment Donna thought he was telling the truth, but of course he wasn't, couldn’t be. Could he?

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