Monday, March 4, 2013

Guest post for DKD tour
“What’s Next?” Teracia

Hi! I’m Jenn, the author of Don’t Kill Dinner. If you are reading I will assume one of two things: you already know about my book OR you harbor a secret crush on Teracia and her amazing blog Either way, Welcome.

Today I am talking about what’s next. DKD has been written and by the time you will be reading this I will already have the first paperback in my hand… BUAHAHAHAH! So what is next… Next is Don’t Feed of course! Three Rules, three books. Don’t Feed will open a brand new slew of issues for Kenna. Her entire life has changed yet again and it is up to her to save herself and the city she calls home. There are a lot of dynamics that are going to change in the second book and it will put a whole different type of strain on the characters. Hopefully it all works out in the end ;)

Don’t Feed isn’t the only thing I am cooking up. New Adult, steamy romance not your style? Have no fear because I have a paranormal YA book coming out in the end of May called Blossom. Blossom is the story of Maia, the 15 year old girl who just wants to blend in. On her 16th birthday she finds out the rest of her life will be in the spotlight because she is actually a Fae Princess sent to Earth to hide from a warring Lord who threatened to kill her. She will have to learn how to manage both lives or give up half of herself.

Don’t like paranormal, its ok I’ve STILL got you covered. I have recently convinced a phenomenal artist who happens to be married to me to illustrate a children’s book I am writing called The Adventures of Sammy the Shark The Adventures of Sammy the Shark will chronicle the truth behind the majestic and beautiful great white shark while keeping it fun and entertaining.. this book will be for children ages 3-8.

Got questions? Want to know more??? Check out my web page and facebook for teasers sneak peeks and other tidbits about what is really going on in my brain! Check out the trailer here  find Jennifer Martinez here

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